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Acer Support (Drivers, Manuals, Phone, and More)

Acer is a computer technology company that manufactures modems, motherboards, mice, keyboards, speakers, projectors, monitors, smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, desktop computers, servers and wearables.

Acer's main website is located at

Acer Support

Acer provides technical support for their products through an online support website:

Visit Acer Support

It's here that you can find all of the support options from below, including drivers, manuals, FAQs, their forum, product registration information, details on hardware repairs, warranty information, and contact details.

Acer Driver Downloads

Acer provides an online source to download drivers for their hardware:

Download Acer drivers

It's easy to find the right device driver because you can search by serial number, SNID, or model. Another option is to scroll through and select the hardware device from the Category drop down menu.

Once the right product is found, choose the operating system you need the driver for and then use the Driver section to see all the downloads. Most of the drivers should be in the ZIP format; you can download them with the Download button off to the right of each driver.

I, of course, recommend using Acer's own website to download their drivers, but there are several other places to download drivers, too, if you can't seem to find what you need here.

One really easy way to get Acer drivers without using their website or a driver download website, is to install a free driver updater tool that will scan for outdated or missing drivers and then install them for you.

If you're not sure how to update the drivers for your Acer hardware, see How to Update Drivers in Windows for easy driver update instructions.

Acer Firmware, BIOS and Application Downloads

Applications, firmware files and BIOS updates are available through Acer's website as well, in the same place as the drivers:

Download Acer BIOS, Firmware and Applications

The BIOS and firmware downloads are in the BIOS/Firmware section while applications can be found in the respective Application area. Note, however, that not every Acer device has all of these sections on their download page.

Most Acer BIOS updates are EXE files that come with a TXT file bundled in a ZIP archive. You might have to first extract the EXE file out of the ZIP file before you can apply the update.

Acer Product Manuals

Many of the user guides, instructions, and other manuals for Acer hardware are available from the same place you can find the above resources:

Download Acer product manuals

After finding the right piece of hardware, use the Documents tab to download the manuals with the corresponding Download button. Most of these user guides and manuals are PDF files in a ZIP archive.

Acer Telephone Support

Acer provides technical support for in-warranty products over the phone at 1-866-695-2237 for users in the United States and Canada. Phone numbers for those of you that live in other countries are listed here.

I highly recommend reading through my Tips on Talking to Tech Support before calling Acer tech support.

If your Acer product is no longer under warranty, they recommend using AnswersBy for support, but it isn't free.

Acer Email Support

Some Acer locations around the globe offer email support. You can find those email addresses in their respective places on Acer's International Travelers Warranty page:

Acer Email Support

Acer Chat Support

Although Acer does not provide email support for users in every country, they do offer chat-based support if your product is still under warranty, which you can check before you start the chat:

Acer Chat Support

See how to find your SNID or serial number before you contact Acer. That will speed up the support process considerably.

Acer Forum Support and Social Media Channels

Acer provides forum-based support via Acer Community.

There's also a FAQ section called Acer Answers, as well as their AcerAmericaService YouTube channel, that might be helpful depending on the specific issue you're dealing with.

Acer has an official Twitter page as well: @Acer. It's probably not the best place to go for support but it's possible someone might answer your question there. The same is true for the AcerUSA Facebook page.

Additional Acer Support Options

If you need support for your Acer hardware but haven't been successful contacting Acer directly, see Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.

I've gathered as much Acer technical support information as I could and I frequently update this page to keep the information current. However, if you find anything about Acer that needs updated, please let me know.

Thanks for letting us know!

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ES1-111 ES1-111MES1-131ES1-132ES1-311ES1-331ES1-332ES1-411ES1-420ES1-421ES1-422ES1-431ES1-432ES1-433 ES1-433GES1-511ES1-512ES1-520ES1-521ES1-522ES1-523ES1-524ES1-531 ES1-531GES1-532 ES1-532GES1-533ES1-571ES1-572ES1-711 ES1-711GES1-731 ES1-731GES1-732


E5-411E5-421 E5-421GE5-422 E5-422GE5-452 E5-452GE5-471G, E5-471PG, E5-471P E5-471E5-472G E5-472E5-473G E5-473E5-474G E5-474E5-475G E5-4755-476G E5-476E5-491G E5-491E5-511G, E5-511PG, E5-511P E5-511E5-521 E5-521GE5-522 E5-522GE5-523 E5-523GE5-531 E5-531GE5-532 E5-532GE5-551 E5-551GE5-552 E5-552GE5-553 E5-553GE5-571, E5-571G, E5-571P E5-571PGE5-572 E5-572GE5-573, E5-573G, E5-573T E5-573TGE5-574 E5-574GE5-575 E5-575G5-576G E5-576E5-721E5-722E5-731 E5-731GE5-752 E5-752GE5-771 E5-771GE5-772 E5-772GE5-773 E5-773GE5-774 E5-774G

F5-521 F5-521GF5-522 F5-522GF5-571 F5-571GF5-572 F5-572GF5-573 F5-573GF5-771 F5-771G

M3M3-481 M3-481GM3-580 M3-580GM3-581T, M3-581TG, M3-581G M3-581M3-581PT M3-581PTG

M5M5-481T, M5-481TG, M5-481G M5-481M5-481PT M5-481PTGM5-581T, M5-581TG, M5-581G M5-581M5-582PT M5-582PTGM5-583PT M5-583PTG


R3-131TR3-371TR3-372TR3-431TR3-471T R3-471TG

R5-431TG R5-431TR5-471TG R5-471TR5-571TG R5-571T

R7-571G R7-571R7-572G R7-572

S3S3-331S3-371S3-391S3-392 S3-392GS3-951



V3 IntelV3 AMDV3-111PV3-112PV3-331V3-371V3-372V3-431 V3-431GV3-471, V4-471G, V3-471Z V3-471ZGV3-472G, V3-472PG, V3-472P V3-472V3-531, V3-531G, V3-531Z V3-531ZGV3-532 V3-532GV3-551 V3-551GV3-571, V3-571G, V3-571Z V3-571ZGV3-572G, V3-572PG, V3-572P V3-572V3-574 V3-574GV3-575 V3-575GV3-731 V3-731GV3-771, V3-771G, V3-7710 V3-7710GV3-772G V3-772

V5V5-121V5-122P V5-122V5-123V5-131 V5-131PV5-132P V5-132V5-171V5-431, V5-431G, V5-431Z V5-431ZGV5-431P V5-431PGV5-471, V5-471G, V5-471Z V5-471ZGV5-452, V5-452G, V5-452P V5-452PGV5-471P V5-471PGV5-472G, V5-472P, V5-472PG V5-472V5-473G, V5-473P, V5-473PG V5-473V5-531, V5-531G, V5-531Z V5-531ZGV5-531P V5-531PGV5-551 V5-551GV5-552G, V5-552, V5-552P V5-552PGV5-561, V5-561G, V5-561P V5-561PGV5-571, V5-571G, V5-571Z V5-571ZGV5-571P V5-571PGV5-572G, V5-572P, V5-572PG V5-572V5-573G, V5-573, V5-573P V5-573PGV5-591G V5-591



V7-481G, V7-481P, V7-481PG V7-481V7-482G, V7-482P, V7-482PG V7-482V7-581G, V7-581P, V7-581PG V7-581V7-582G, V7-582P, V7-582PG V7-582

One E100One A110 A150One 521One 522One 531One 532One 533One 571One 721One 722One 725One 751One 752One 753One 756One D150One D250One D255One D257One D260One D270One P531One ZG5One ZG8One HappyOne Happy 2

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Revo R1600Revo R3600Revo R3610Revo RL100


1410, 1410T 1410TZ1425, 1425P, 1425PT 1425PTZ1810, 1810T 1810TZ1825, 1825P, 1825PT 1825PTZ3410, 3410T 3410G3810, 3810T, 3810TZ, 3810TG 3810TZG3811, 3811T, 3811TZ, 3811TG 3811TZG4410 4410T4810, 4810T, 4810TZ, 4810TG 4810TZG5410 5410T5810, 5810T, 5810TZ, 5810TG 5810TZG1430, 1430T, 1430TZ 1430Z1830, 1830T, 1830TZ 1830Z3820, 3820T, 3820TG, 3820TZ, 3820TZG, 3820G 3820ZG3830, 3830T, 3830TG, 3830TZ 3830TZG4820, 4820T, 4820TG, 4820TZ, 4820TZG 4820G4830, 4830T, 4830TG, 4830TZ 4830TZG5820, 5820T, 5820TG, 5820TZ, 5820TZG 5820G5830, 5830T, 5830TG, 5830TZ 5830TZG

Aspire Z5600Aspire Z5610Aspire Z5700Aspire Z5710




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TM B113-M, B113-E B113TM B115-M B115-MPTM P243-M, P243-MG P243TM P245-M, P245-MG, P245-MP P245-MPGTM P246-M P246-MGTM P253-MG, P253-M, P253-E P253TM P255-M, P255-MG, P255-MP P255-MPGTM P256-M P256-MGTM P259-MG P259-MTM P273-MG, P273-M, P273-E P273TM P276-M P276-MGTM P278-MG P278-MTM P453-M, P453-MG P453TM P633-M, P633-V P633TM P643-M, P643-MG, P643-V P643TM P653-M, P653-MG, P653-V P653


Extensa 2508Extensa 2509Extensa 2510 2510GExtensa 2511 2511GExtensa 2519Extensa 2520 2520GExtensa 2540

Extensa 4220Extensa 4230Extensa 4620, 4620Z 4620GExtensa 4630, 4630G, 4630Z 4630ZGExtensa 5220Extensa 5230 5230EExtensa 5235Extensa 5430Extensa 5620, 5620Z 5620GExtensa 5630, 5630G, 5630EZ, 5630Z 5630ZGExtensa 5635, 5635G, 5635Z 5635ZGExtensa 7220Extensa 7230 7230EExtensa 7620, 7620Z 7620GExtensa 7630, 7630G, 7630Z 7630ZG


eMachines D440eMachines D442eMachines D525eMachines D620eMachines D642 D642GeMachines E430eMachines E440eMachines E442eMachines E510eMachines E520eMachines E525eMachines E527eMachines E528eMachines E529eMachines E620eMachines E625eMachines E627eMachines E630eMachines E640 E640GeMachines E642 E642GeMachines E644 E644GeMachines E720eMachines E725eMachines E727eMachines E728eMachines E729eMachines E730, E730G, E730Z E730ZGeMachines E732, E732G, E732Z E732ZGeMachines G520eMachines G525eMachines G620eMachines G625eMachines G627eMachines G725eMachines D640 D640GeMachines D730, D730G, D730Z D730ZGeMachines D732, D732G, D732Z D732ZGeMachines G630 G630GeMachines G640 G640GeMachines G730, G730G, G730Z G730ZGeMachines G732, G732G, G732Z G732ZG

eMachines 250eMachines 350eMachines 355

Acer Ferrari

Acer Ferrari 1100Acer Ferrari One 200

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Asus : Asus, Lenovo : Lenovo

: , , Acer Aspire 5940G, Acer Aspire 5940. .

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Acer Europe website for service and support, downloads - Get Site Info

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Acer Europe website for service and support, downloads

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Acer Support for computers, servers and consumer electronics products. Get technical and non-technical assistance such as drivers, solutions, customer service, warranty, and contact information


Acer Support for computers, servers and consumer electronics products. Get technical and non-technical assistance such as drivers, solutions, customer service, warranty, and contact information

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Acer Support Drivers and Support Documents for Notebook > Aspire > Aspire 1551. Acer Support for computers, servers and consumer electronics products.

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Acer Europe website for service and support, downloads - Get Site Info


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